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Online solar control coated glass
Online solar control coated glass
It is a new type solar control coated glass that features high visible light transmittance, low reflectivity and easy thermal processing. This glass production adopts a world advanced MOCVD technology accomplished by applying a continuous & even oxidized metal deposition on the hot float glass substrate surface. Its durable, transparent tough coating offers better thermal/optical qualities. It is an ideal option for new top architectural glass.
● Superior lighting and heat-blocking properties.
● Stable chemical properties, strong acid and alkaline resistance.
● Superior performance in resistance to abrasion.
● Subtle and elegant color uniform evenness of color.
● High temperature chemical coating, excellent for tempering and thermal bending.

3300×2440 3300×2200 3300×2134 3300×1830
2440×1830 2440×1650 2200×1830 2200×1650

Thickness(mm): 4 5 6 8 10

Color Options:F green, Natural green, Ford blue, Sapphire blue, Weihai Blue, Blue Star grey, Modern grey ,European brown, clear glass, Golden brown, Royal blue and others.

Quality standards: GB/T18915.1-2002

Note: Blue Star Glass can customize coated glass according to given specifications and colors from our clients.


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