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Online LOW-E Coated Glass
Online LOW-E Coated Glass
Online LOW-E Coated Glass is a new-type energy efficient glass features in high reflectivity of far infrared heat radiation. Online LOW-E coated glass is produced by pyrolyzing coating material continuously under high temperature through CVD and MOCVD coating technology so as to deposit them on glass substrate surface moving inside a tin bath and black-out furnace. As the glass is coated online continuously under high temperature without extra heating, cleaning or drying process, it can be manufactured in large scale with low cost. The glass coat is combined toughly with glass substrate. It can be used in a single layer or be further processed through tempering or thermal bending. It is an ideal solution for energy efficient glass curtain walls or windows.
Energy saving Good lighting Chemical stability Stable thermal
Stable mechanical
● High efficiency in energy saving and environment production. It is an efficient energy saving building material because of its high performance in heat insulation.
● Wonderful performance in visible light transmission.
● Stable chemical performance. It can be used as a single layer or may be stored for a long period of time for further procession.
● Stable performance in thermal processing. It is easy to be further processed for tempering, thermal bending or insulating.
● Stable mechanical performance for solid coat, high abrasion and scratch resistance.
● When processed into Insulated Glass, it is not necessary to clean up edge coat.

3300×2440 3300×2200 3300×2134 3300×1830 2440×1830

Thickness(mm): 4 5 6

Color Options:.Our Company could provide Online LOW-E Coated Glass of all colors.

Quality standards: GB/T18915.2-2002

Note: Blue Star Glass can customize coated glass according to given specifications and colors from our clients.

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