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Confidential Guarantee

Blue Star Glass Group considers your privacy very important. We are striving to promote the development of an interactive website, and at the same time, protect your personal information. The following guideline will be implemented to protect your information while visiting our website (not limited to our website). Please read carefully our rules on how to collect, use and protect personal information of our online clients.

Blue Star Glass Group constructed this website to help you access to our information and place your order for our products easily. Generally you can browse our website anonymously. However, there may be some necessary interaction with our website. Blue Star Glass Group will never sell or disclose your personal information to anyone without your permission unless requested by the law. We will only share your information with our entities and business partners according to the strict confidential rules established by Blue Star.

1. Personal Information

Generally, you could visit our website anonymously. At times, Blue Star or our partners may request you to provide us with some information.

You have many options to provide us with your information, for example, you can provide us with your name, mailing or E-mail address so that we can contact you regarding your order or to provide you with additional information. You can provide us with your credit card information to complete an online transaction. You can also provide us with your educational background and working experiences relevant to the position Blue Star is recruiting. We hope you be aware of how we will use the information that you provide. Should you wish not to be contacted after your initial visit to our website, we will respect your wishes and place you on our “Unsubscribe List”. If you provide us with information of your spouse or co-workers, we would assume that you have already obtained permission from them.

Regarding a job application and inquiry, your CV is requested regardless of where the recruiting information was obtained. We will share your CV within Blue Star Glass Group and relevant entities. We would also maintain the information for future reference unless you instruct us not to do so.


We or other relevant entities will use the information you provide to meet your requests and inquiries.

will use your information to keep in contact with you, to obtain feedback information and market surveys.

If you permit, Blue Star Glass Group and relevant entities will use your information for marketing purposes.

It will be used for anonymous data analysis such as clickstream data.

It would be used to help us to develop our business relationship if you are representing Blue Stars business partner or supplier.

3. Information Security and Quality

We will strictly protect your personal information and ensure its integrity, we will take extraordinary confidential measures while sending you sensitive information.

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