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About Blue Star

Weihai Blue Star Glass Holding Co., Ltd is a holding subsidiary of China Glass Holdings Limited. After 44 years development since its establishment in 1965, it has become one of the most famous companies engaged in building material manufacturing in China. Its products have earned many honors such as China Top Brand and China Well-known Trademark.

The proprietary companies under Weihai Blue Star Holding Company Limited include:  

* Weihai Blue Star New Technology Glass Co., Ltd,
* Zhong Bo Technology Co., Ltd,
* Weihai Blue Star Zhong Bo Photovoltaic Co., Ltd,
* Weihai Blue Star Technical Industrial Zone Co., Ltd,
* Weihai Blue Star Glass Import & Export Co., Ltd, 
* Wuhai Blue Star Glass Group Holding Co., Ltd,  
* Nanjing Yuanhong Special Glass Co., Ltd.

It also holds shares of Shaanxi Blue Star Glass Co., Ltd.

The Company is in the line of producing and distributing Blue Star top colored float glass, Post Temperable Off-line LOW-E Coated Glass,on-line Low-E coated glass,Temperable Off-line Solar-controlled Coated Glass, on-line solar control coated glass, on-line solar control easy-clean coated glass, self-cleaning glass, Silver Coated Glass Mirror,  thin film solar cell subassemblies and glass substrates. Presently its production line produces glass in many colors such as green, gray, blue, dark brown and golden. It can also produce a series of products coated with other colors per client specification and as demanded by the market.

The cooperation between Weihai Blue Star Glass Holding Co., Ltd, Zhejiang University and Hangzhou Blue Star New Material & Technology Co., Ltd is a most efficient combination between glass technology research and production elements. It is also a most successful model in the union among a producer, university and research firm. On-line coated glass related products were co-developed by adopting the CVD technology which is well known and highly praised both domestically and by markets overseas for its advanced technology, consistent high quality and unique performance in tempering and thermal bending of glass. Listed on the National 863 Plan, online coated LOW-E glass became Blue Star’s most popular product for its completely independent intellectual property rights and wonderful performance in energy conservation.

Struggling in the marketplace for 45 years, Weihai Blue Star Glass Holding Co., Ltd. has become a top company with advanced technology, seasoned business professionals, scientific management methods, unexcelled design concepts, first class inspection facilities and excellent service. Blue Star's Company culture has trained a high quality employee team. Blue Star's high quality and renowned brand image has formed a solid partnership base with numerous clients both domestically and abroad. Our distribution network covers all of China and stretches out globally. Our glass has been exported to more than 90 countries and regions such as North America, the European Union, Russia, Australia, Africa, the Middle East, Mid-Asia, Southeast Asia, ROK and Taiwan.

With a business vision of gaining advantages, promoting character, seeking excellence and always taking a leading position, our Company is successfully carrying out its strategy of creating a world famous brand and striving forward to be a global first class glass manufacturer. We are open to all investment options, international management, optimization of distribution network and continuation of our innovative R&D. Blue Star is happy to cooperate with all clients and create a colorful life together.

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