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Post Temperable Off-line LOW-E Coated Glass
Post Temperable Off-line LOW-E Coated Glass
Weihai Bluestar Glass Holding Co., Ltd. made a substantial investment in the world renowned advanced coating process developed by the German company VON ARDENNE. Blue Star temperable off-line LOW-E coated glass is a highly efficient energy saving product obtained through the use of the Magnetron Sputter Vacuum Deposition (MSVD) method where multiple layers of metal or nonmetal coats are applied on the surface of a top quality float glass substrate.

1、The overall process combines equipment from world leading suppliers: VON ARDENNE for coating and control; BENTELER for cleaning and drying; HEGLA for complete glass panels handling. The optimum integration of these processes ensures an efficient and stable production of temperable off-line LOW-E coated glass on a large scale

2、The main coating system incorporates unique gas separation and cathode deposition techniques. This enables the production of high quality temperable LOW-E coated glass while offering a range of options for colors and transmittance, according to customer’s requests.

3、The unique design for coating deposition combined with the hard-wearing antioxidant protective layer gives Blue Star off-line LOW-E coated glass outstanding performance in severe downstream treatment processes such as cutting, edging, tempering and insulating. Furthermore, when a glass panel consists of both flat and curved surfaces, the color on both surfaces will match.

High transparent Low-E glass provides high visible light transmittance, high solar power transmittance and extremely high XIR reflectance. Its light exterior colors are applied to buildings with a transparent exterior design and natural lighting in colder regions.
Sun shading Low-E glass provides moderate visible light transmittance, low solar power transmittance and extremely high XIR reflectance. It is applied to areas which is hot in the summer and warm in the winter. The glass is produced in a variety of exterior colors which provides the designer with many many options.

Main specs(mm: 2440×3300 2200×3300 2134×3300
Max. size (mm) : 3300×6000
Min. size (mm) : 300×700

Thickness range (mm):      4 5 6 8 10 12

Color and Model Options:
Plain LXTB175 Ford blue LXTB249 light blue LXTB160 Weihai blue LXTB258、LXTB 260
Blue grey LXTL150 F green LXTB262 Dark green LXTG250 Bluestar Grey LXTG240、LXTG235

Quality standards: GB/T18915.2-2002

Note: Blue Star Glass can customize coated glass according to given specifications and colors from our clients.

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