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Temperable Off-line Solar-controlled Coated Glass
Temperable Off-line Solar-controlled Coated Glass
Weihai Bluestar temperable off-line solar-controlled coated glass is produced by utilizing the Magnetron Sputter Vacuum Deposition (MSVD) method to coat specific titanium or chromium films on the surface of top quality float glass through an advanced coating complex developed by the German Company VON ARDENNE.
* The combination of the stable/ reliable film with the outstanding performance of the thermal processing allows an easy post tempering and further processing.

* High transmittance and low reflectivity give it an excellent performance for sun-shading.

* Filtering out the solar UV prevents the fading of furniture and fabric inside the building.

* A broad range of products and coating colors provide a large choice for architecture and decoration applications.

3300×2440 3300×2200 3300×2134

Thickness(mm):4 5 6 8 10

Color Options:Bluestar Green, emerald green, Weihai Blue, Ford blue, Light Blue, Light Grey ,Bluestar Grey and others.

Quality standards: GB/T18915.1-2002

Note: Blue Star Glass can customize coated glass according to given specifications and colors from our clients.

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