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Silver Coated Glass Mirror
Silver Coated Glass Mirror
The substrates of Blue Star silver coated glass mirrors are top quality float glass produced by Blue Star. Their internationally advanced and highly rated production line makes Blue Star capable of producing high quality, top grade tinted glass on a large scale. Blue Star also produces the highest grade of silver coated glass mirrors which are aesthetically pleasing and glossy that provides perfect reflection. It could be extensively applied to furniture, handicraft, housing remodeling, decoration (bathroom mirror, optical mirror) and others such as auto rearview mirror and more.

● Reflected images are true lifelike, clear and undistorted.

● The backing paint is evenly applied without any trace of oxizidation on the edges or at the center of the silver mirror. It prevents corrosion and resists any dampness in the air. It is long lasting and the mirrors can be a most effective decor.

● A multitude of color choices can meet the requirements of manufacturers and customers.

● The glass mirrors can be applied to all types of edging process and can be applied to all shapes.

Color Options: Our Company could provide silver coated glass mirrors of all colors.



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